ur a fat ugly cow. delte that pic and stop being fat.

((I’m laughing. I really am. I’ve had worse insults from anons. Get some grammar. Also? I know. Way to be obvious.))

((>Hasn’t given up on this profile.>Missed when everyone else was posting pictures>FUCK DA POLICE.
>Posts anyway.)) 

((>Hasn’t given up on this profile.
>Missed when everyone else was posting pictures

>Posts anyway.)) 


Hi! I’m Danny Phantom! I need your help to find some missing ghosts on the internet. Any tips on these ghosts should be brought to my attention immediately! Also, if you happen to catch any of these supposed internet ghosts, submit them! In return for your vigilance, you can ask me questions and I will respond!

((I don’t know how many of you are into Danny Phantom but I’m shamelessly self promoting myself.))


((I’ll be on and off. If you want to rp with me, which I doubt so, leave me a starter and message me with a link. ))


((I’m taking a break from rp for a while. My cutting and depression have gotten out of control and I need to focus on toning it down before I kill myself. ))

((I really want to rp… But I’m really bad at starters. :I Anyone want to rp with me? ;-;))

"W-what’s a magic a-anon?"


((So I drew CCXGlaDos, CCXFact, CC in a nice dress, CC in a corset, and just CC. Is there any certain ones you want to see colored before the others?))